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CIVIS has a multidisciplinary team with a vast experience, providing more than 11 years in join tasks, and, additionally, we can add a team of renowned expertise collaborators, in knowledge areas with special technical complexity.

CIVIS has a team specialized
for each technical area.


  • Manuel Castaño Cano

    MS Civil Enginner. Tech University Valencia.
    Master Degree Railway Design and Planning. Tech University Barcelona

Civil engineering area

  • Alejandro Ruiz Portugués

    Senior Associate
    Degree Civil Engineer

Building installations and petrol stations

  • Alejandro Culiáñez Celdrán

    Senior Associate
    MS Industrial Engineer (Electrical)

External advisory team

  • Clara García Mayor

    Landscaping and Urban Spaces. MS Architect. Lecturer of Landscape and Urban in the Architecture School of Alicante University

  • Juan Francisco Moyá Soriano

    Structures. PhD in Civil Engineering . Senior Lecturer. Department of the Mechanics of Continuous Media. Tech University of Valencia.

  • Francisco Rivero Moreno

    Off-shore studies and wave and tidal dynamics. PhD in Civil Engineering. Tech University Barcelona