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Pedestrian Bridge over Alicante-Denia Railway. Altea-Garganes Station

Pedestrian Bridge over Alicante-Denia Railway. Altea-Garganes Station
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This pedestrian bridge is situated in the center of the "blue and white" town of Altea, neat Benidorm, and center for artistic and culture activities in the north Costa Blanca area.

In the center of the village, is sited the Altea-Garganes station of the narrow line railway Alicante to Denia. The station is next to the Town House, and old concrete structure gave access from the Old Town to the commercial area and the Altea's beach. But this one had problems for accesibility and capacity, so it was decided to built and all new pedestrian bridge.

The design, takes the image of Altea: blue and white are the only colours used in the bridge, following the pinturesque chromaticity of the village.

The new three span bridge was designed according to the situation of an underground parking lot under the square, and the difference in heights between the two margins of the rail track.


Altea Town Council

Generalitat Valenciana Railways (FGV)

65.000 €

Construction dead line:
2 months

Finishing works:
May 1999