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Tramway of Alicante. Finca Adoc Tunnel

Tramway of Alicante. Finca Adoc Tunnel
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The Finca Adoc Tunnel belongs to the Alicante's Tramway Line 1. Its goal is to improve the security and capacity in a 2 kilometers sector, which is critical due it´s the only one to have only one railtrack. For this reason, the works include a new doble railtrack platform, through a 1.500 m long tunnel under the "Sierra Grossa", parallel to the coast line and Villajoyosa Avenue.

The tunnel has been digged using the New Austrian Method, with a total of 5 cross-sections designed according to the  different geological stratums detected into the mountain. 

After finishing this sector, it has been possible to improve the frequency of services and travel times drastically in the lines 1, 3 and 4 of the Alicante Tramway Network, and the new Line 5

Generalitat Valenciana / Government of the Valencian Community

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana / Generalitat Valenciana Railways

36.000.000 €

Construction dead line:
48 meses

Finishing works:
March 2019