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Link Road CV-91 to CV-9220. Orihuela

Link Road CV-91 to CV-9220. Orihuela
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This new road branch, will link the main roads in the area, CV-91 and CV-95, letting the vehicles to avoid the pass through Orihuela city center. The project includes a new concrete bridge over Segura River, with a total span of 90 m. 

This bridge will permit the use both vehicles and pedestrians and cycling, with a reserved lane of 2.50 m wide.

After finished, this new road will support an expected traffic of 8.000 vehicles daily, that uses the roads CV-930, CV-91 and CV-95.


Orihuela Municipality / Ayuntamiento de Orihuela

Ayuntamiento de Orihuela / Diputación de Alicante

2.258.646,97 Euros

Construction dead line:

Finishing works:
December 2018