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Emergency works in Tabarca Port (Alicante)

Emergency works in Tabarca Port (Alicante)
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The small port of Tabarca, is sited in one of the most singular places in Alicante coast. This isle was inhabited from 1760 when a group of Genoese sailors settled there with a spanish garrison.

Nowadays, is a pintoresque tourist destination, connected with dairy ferries and sportive boats. So, its little port has a main role in the isle life.

The works involved the repair of the seawall, with new riprap blocks, and the renewal of the paviment in the passengeers reception area. All the works were made with friendly environmental criteria, and all the planning was specially complex, due to the surf and weather conditions, causing a lot of difficulties to transport not only workers, but also materials and machinery.

Generalitat Valenciana / Government of the Valencian Community

Consellería de Infraestructuras, Territorio y Medio Ambiente

2.693.226,19 €

Construction dead line:
14 months

Finishing works:
November 2010