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Pongwe Beach Resort (Tanzania)

Pongwe Beach Resort (Tanzania)
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Associated to Isimat Consulting and Flap Arquitectos Bureau, CIVIS has developed the site planning proposal and an alternative design for 40 houses and resort next to Pongwe Beach, in Zanzibar Island, Tanzania. 

We have taken in account not only the physical conditions in the island (climate, sun radiance, winds...) but also the social and cultural tradition.  Our design is based in the mediterraean "patio" concept, as the andalusian traditional homes, and it respects the traditional separation between public and private areas for the muslim homes. In this way, the ground floor contains all the public area: kitchen, dining room, and a complete guest suite. Meanwhile, the upper floor is dedicated to the private rooms.

Private promoter

14.000.000 € (estimated)

Finishing works:
June 2013