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Oriol Ocupational Therapy Centre. Installations

Oriol Ocupational Therapy Centre. Installations
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Architect author for the building project and Site Director: Mrs. Clara García Mayor (MSc Architect) Gamma Proyectos Urbanos, S.L.

Design and Installation Direction: CIVIS Consultores.

Design and surveying of the installations for lightning, air conditioner, electricity, water and sewer and telecommunications in a complex used for Day Centre and Therapy Centre for disabled people.

It has 2.100 sqm, divided in three modules (all in the ground floor), interconnected with a steel structure corridors. The main features in the design, are the integration in the Palmeral of Orihuela protected area, the sustainable measures in the technical solutions, and the easy use and flexibility of the design. 


2.480.000 Euros

Finishing works:
December 2011